Tasnee Orders Third Pelletron Mobile DeDuster®

Tasnee Saudi Ethylene & Polyethylene Company, the PP and PE plastic manufacturing company in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, recently purchased its third Pelletron Mobile DeDuster® from pelletroneurope GmbH in Bodnegg, Germany. The DeDuster®, designed for 50t/hr bagging machine capacity, became necessary to reduce the attrition, in the form of dust and streamers created during pneumatic conveying, to a remaining dust content of 50PPM (dust definition 1.6 to 500µ). The elutriators installed before the storage silos in the plant could not reduce the dust and streamer content to the desired level. The accumulated attrition in the silos caused a high level of contamination in the plastic pellets. The only way to remove the dust and streamers before truck loading or bagging was the installation of a DeDuster® below the silo outlet. The low construction height of the Pelletron DeDuster® allowed installation directly on top of the bagging machine. The fan for the cleaning air, the cyclone separator for dust, and the inline filter are installed in a separate mobile unit that will be connected to the bagging machine after positioning of the bagging machine under a silo.


The Pelletron DeDuster® is ideal for installation in both existing systems and in new plants. For new plants, Pelletron recommends implementation of the new pellcon3®conveying process, to eliminate the requirement for dedusting on top of storage silos. The pellcon3® process is a combination of the three components STRANDPHASE® conveying, Pellbow® pipe bends and DeDuster®. This process is being used more frequently because of its high efficiency, low investment cost and simple operation and maintenance. To learn more about Pelletron DeDuster® system or the pellcon3® process, visit our webpage or contact us directly. 


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Pelletron in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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