• New conveying method for dust reduction

    Reduce dust with three process componentsn

    The selection of the deduster model depends on the bulk density of the material to be cleaned, the shape of the granules and the amount and type of impurities.

    Complementing the optimized beach phase conveyance, Pelletron uses pellbow elbows to further reduce dust generation and a deduster to remove any remaining dust. Pelletron designates the combination of these three components Pellcon 3.

    The goal of every plastics manufacturer or compounder is to produce granulates of the highest quality with the lowest possible dust content and without angel hair at the lowest possible production costs.

    The Pelletron company wants to help achieve this goal with an economical extraction process called Pellcon 3. This is based on the three process components: beach phase, pellbow and deduster.

    Strandphase is a conveyor technology for gentle conveying of granular bulk materials that does not require any special pipe brackets or additional steel constructions.

    The Pellbow is a specially designed, patented short radius elbow that features a large expansion chamber between the inlet and outlet of the elbow.
    The Deduster is a separator and collector for dust and angel hair, which cleans plastic granulate to a residual dust content of less than 50 ppm.

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